Liam Hardy

Liam Hardy

Liam Hardy - tREEsources director


Currently researching ‘rare earth element resource genesis and exploration’ at the University of Brighton (UK) as part of the ‘SoS-Rare’ NERC/British Geological Survey research group ( ). Member of the ‘Mineral Deposit Studies Group’ Committee ( )

Joined the tREEsources project after working on location in Liberia with Hummingbird Resources Plc (Gold), in Turkey with ‘Eti Aluminyum’ (Bauxite) and in Southern Portugal with ‘Sommincor Plc.’ (Copper).

In his own words

After graduation in Oxford and Brighton and several placements in the mining industry, I could not help but see flaws and feel saddened by the great and unnecessary environmental risks taken by some companies, not only in developing nations where we seem to take pollution and natural destruction for granted, but even in industrial Europe under heavy regulation. I was also inspired by some projects, some companies went above and beyond to assist with regional development in communities, taking on responsibility for educating the children of staff, building and maintaining access routes for new farms, funding protection for wildlife, including the founding of national parks and even rebuilding a University in a struggling developing nation.

I wondered why this was not the norm, when the company was functioning sustainably and effectively within its economic targets, why were others, with bigger proven resources, bigger logistics capabilities and more to lose in ‘public-face’ if truly discovered, not following the example?

My goal within the industry is to keep working around the varied resource geology I love, in bizarre metamorphic terrains and complex alkaline igneous systems, in tropical weathering systems and, to keep pushing my boundaries and challenging myself with exploration and geochemical analytical methods, but also to consider the surrounding environment and communities along the way, not just the end profits”.

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