About Us

tREEsources Consulting Ltd. has been founded by a group of actively researching and practicing geologists who believe, there is a better way to meet our expanding global demand for resources, without the environmental damages and catastrophic socio-economic impacts that characterise mine operation in the 21st century


As global demands increase for resources from metals to industrial minerals, as industry costs increase, and as viable economic resources become more scare, the protection afforded to the surrounding environment and community at the deposit are normally the first casualties afforded to continue supply. We do not think this should be the case.


From historic acid mine drainage, to the more recent risks involved in sea floor mining, we believe in combining the ideas of ‘economic viability’ and ‘sustainability’ in exploration, monitoring, extracting, processing and remediating mining prospects. Our team has worked on a variety of prospects, from gold to halite, from water to rare earths.


Our current projects focus on geochemical & biogeochemical soil exploration for REEs, bauxite waste monitoring, contamination monitoring at hydraulic fracture mines and industrial clay extractions in hydrogeologically sensitive areas We also insist on managing positive community engagements at all phases of our projects.

The Team

Liam Hardy
Environmental Geochemist
Shaun Heller
Dr. Sam Rice
Senior Consultant
Project Geologist
Anna Stefanaki
Community Engagement and Environmental Management
Teejo Renaud
Satellite and Drone engineer
Dimitri Dutheil
Junior Analyst
Mining and Resources
Romina Economidou
Geochemistry and Mediterranean Geology