Dr. Sam Rice

Dr. Sam Rice

Dr Sam Rice - tREEsources project gelologisy


Sam brings practical commercial experience of exploration and an in-depth knowledge of the Earth Sciences in equal measure. Sam holds a PhD (Geology, University of Edinburgh, 2006) and a BSc (Geology, University of Birmingham, 2000) and has researched tectonics, gold mineralisation and hydrocarbons. Sam is an expert field geologist with hands-on experience of exploration projects in Mali, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the UK and has carried out research in the Russian Greater Caucasus, Ukraine and the Black Sea region of Turkey.

In his own words

My passion for geology stems from a desire to understand the Earth as a natural system. I continue to research the behaviour of plate boundaries and to apply my skills to exploration for resources such as gold. Working on a range of large and small gold projects in Africa I found myself at the interface where commercial, social and environmental interests meet. I worked with local communities, landowners and companies to minimise damage and to maximise the benefits of resource developments. I am keen to bring industrial and academic partners together to tackle sustainability in the minerals sector

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