Teejo Renaud

Teejo Renaud

Teejo Renaud - Cinematographer at tREEsources


With over 12 years of experience in fields like photography, filmmaking, live event visuals and virtual reality Teejo has a wide range of skills to create the best way to visually communicate information. With this skill set he plays a important supporting role for tREEsources in the field by visually documenting geological sites.

In his own words

Fascinated by everything visual I started photography at a young age. At a later stage I combined this love with my love for technology to create imagery from new perspectives to create amazement. For the specific field of geology I use unmanned aerial vehicles to photograph sites and then combine those images to create photorealistic 3D models. This gives researches a valuable tool to easily inspect terrain without the time consuming task of going into the field every time. This is also where the addition of virtual reality creates a new way of experiencing landscapes like never before. My strength lies in combining all these different technologies to create a unique way experience something new and to further progress in researching geological sites.

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